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Water Leaking from A Ceiling? Don’t Panic! Call a Water Damage Restoration Pro

12/29/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin

Blog Summary: Learn how to spot serious ceiling water damage and how water damage restoration experts SERVPRO can fix water damaged ceilings quickly in Austin, TX.

Water Leaking from A Ceiling? Don’t Panic! Call a Water Damage Restoration Pro

Austin, Texas, is located between a few storm centers. It's close enough to the Gulf Coast to get hit by hurricanes, and it sits near the southern swath of Tornado Alley. If you have a home in Austin, TX, chances are you’ve looked up at the ceiling after a wicked storm to see the telltale discoloration of a leaky roof and water damage.

There are few things less welcome in your home than a water damaged ceiling. Not only is it unsightly, but it's also a symptom of a malfunction in another part of the building. It’s important to fix the leak and get rid of the resulting dampness before mold grows or the ceiling collapses.

What Causes Ceiling Water Damage?

You might not notice a ceiling leak until water starts dripping on your head. Luckily, there are often signs of a water problem before it starts to drip. 

The most common sign is a discolored spot or patch of blistered paint overhead. This small cosmetic issue can turn into buckling plaster, sagging drywall, and flooding if you don't take quick action.

The water source typically is a roof leak or plumbing issue. The color of the dripping water can give you a clue about its source:

  • Clear water: This usually indicates a plumbing issue, particularly if the ceiling is directly below a bathroom, kitchen, or another room that has a clean water source
  • Grey water: Clean water that’s been contaminated by an appliance like a dishwasher or humidifier can generate grey water
  • Brown water: In most cases, this is the sign of a roof leak, but it can also be caused by sewage water 

Regardless of the water's color, don’t just put a bucket under the leak and hope that it will stop on its own. Ceiling leaks are serious business that can cause injury and result in health issues. 

Fixing a small leak might be easy, but most jobs require mold removal and other hazardous tasks. To ensure the problem is completely solved, ceiling water damage needs to be diagnosed and fixed by a professional water damage restoration service.

How to Fix Ceiling Water Damage

If your ceiling is actively leaking or shows signs of water damage, call a water restoration company like SERVPRO of Lake Travis / NW Austin, TX, to investigate the issue immediately. 

Water restoration companies have the expertise and equipment to repair ceilings and take care of water cleanup. Often a ceiling leak requires emergency water restoration, so choose a company that provides 24-hour service.

Water restoration companies and mold remediation companies provide services that you can’t tackle on your own, including:

Water damage restoration and cleanup

  • Inspect your ceiling to determine the leak source and the extent of damage
  • Use pumps and vacuums to suck up standing water
  • Use fans and dehumidifiers to dry your home
  • Sanitize impacted areas to remove odors
  • Repair ceilings and other areas damaged by water

Mold removal and remediation

  • Find and remove the source of moisture causing mold production
  • Identify areas of mold
  • Remove mold and any affected materials, including ceiling plaster or drywall
  • Use air filtration equipment to eliminate mold spores
  • Sanitize mold-infected areas
  • Repair areas of your home or business damaged by the bacteria 

Need help with water damage restoration?

SERVPRO offers residential and commercial water damage restoration throughout the Austin, TX 78730 zip code. It's also one of central Texas's premier mold remediation and fire restoration companies that offer 24/7 emergency service. If you need mold or water cleanup help in Austin, contact SERVPRO online or call 512-318-2202.

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